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27th-Aug-2016 05:36 pm - so it's hot in paris

This heat is so heavy, I don't feel like doing anything. Not cooking, not eating, not moving, not sexing, not anything. I like summertime, but this is a bit much.
Here are some new photos though :)

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4th-Sep-2015 09:31 pm - so here is my french friend! nsfw.

I've known him for years, but he's been living in Melbourne for a while now.

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I've been getting some complaints that I never post my work anymore, and I guess that's true. Please forgive!

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9th-Nov-2014 08:07 pm - so here is more of adam :)

My friend is coming over to rewatch Game of Thrones episodes with me and I don't really have anything to write about, but I wanted to post the rest of these. Thanks for all the nice feedback on the others!

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6th-Nov-2014 08:37 pm - so here is adam

Isn't he lovely? He is from England, but he is living here in Paris. Really great guy, and easy on the eyes too. Hopefully I'll get to do some more photos with him in the future.
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I have been zipping back and forth across Paris this week, taking care of some bureaucracy stuff. So much fun! It's not that bad when I have something interesting to listen to, but now my 'This American Life' playlist is almost empty, and I need to find something more. Any recommendations?

He's a buddy from Thailand who was visiting these days. I've actually done photos with him before, way back when I was pretty new in Paris. Makes me feel old!

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26th-Aug-2014 09:22 pm - so now it's all about instagram

I know I don't post much on here anymore, and yes it's a little bit sad. I guess once twitter became an outlet for whatever I had in my mind I didn't need livejournal as much. Now I don't use twitter that much either, but instagram instead. I guess there won't be much mundane photos on here anymore, but if that's the kind of thing you are interested in then you should check out my profile there. The photos are not serious, but I have a lot of fun with it.

Here's a link: http://instagram.com/instasipho

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21st-Aug-2014 04:10 pm - so after norway it was sweden again

Yep! This time we headed for Stockholm, where Sam's sister hosted us at her place. We also went out to see my aunt who lives on an island in the archipelago. We only ended up staying a couple of days though, and I feel bad because I have a lot of friends there that I didn't get to see. Nobody probably remembers this here, but I used to live there before I came to Paris.

After that we went south, and we ended up stopping at another camping in the south of Sweden again. This one had wifi! And lots and lots of little rabbits!

The rest of the trip was mostly just driving. We spent a night in Hamburg and we stopped in Amsterdam for food and stuff, but then we just went back home :)

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19th-Aug-2014 06:38 pm - so after sweden it was norway

We spent a second Swedish night in Gothenburg, but after that we went straight up into Norway, driving all the way to my hometown Trondheim in a single day. Then the next day we drove up to my family's cabin in the mountain where the rest of my family already where. We ended up staying several days there, and it was super cool. I always love coming there, and it was nice to see everybody again.

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