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2nd-Mar-2005 08:29 pm
I'm such an idiot. First, a little while ago, I was pissed at myself for forgetting to pay the rent yesterday. So I went online to pay it now and I was like hmmmm I'm supposed to have a lot more money than that! Better call the scholarship people tomorrow. Then I made the transaction. Rent+the price for being late. After this, I went to check if my scholarship money for some reason hadn't been given to me just to find out that the rent had already been paid yesterday :| No fucking wonder I was a few thousand crowns short! And now I have paid it *twice*. Yes that's right. Idiot. So I'm gonna have to go work that out with the accountant person tomorrow.

My birtday was great. I don't think I've ever gotten so much birtday attention before. I got heaps of text messages, e-mails and phone calls :D The evening was nice as well. Vigdis was having Liv and Maja over for wine early in the evening, they were going out later. So I got a cozy, drunken, not so beautifully sung birthday song :D My cake that I made the night before (yay, i made a cake!) was...hmmm... :P The thing is, we don't have much fridge space for being as many as we actually are. So I figured I'd set it out on the balcony over night. It's winter, so it will get maybe as cold as the fridge, right? Right :P The cake was FROZEN! Hahaha I swear it could have been classified as a blunt murder weapon or something. I discovered this a few hours before we were gonna eat it though and put it inside. It worked out allright, but parts of it were still kinda icey crunchy, and it really made your mouth cooold. Kenya came over about nine. He had actually bought me a birthday present! It was a nice scarf and some funky underwear. He is such a sweet guy, I'm lucky to have him as a friend <3. Ida was supposed to come around then as well, but being her usual unreliable self, didn't. She blamed fights with her boyfriend, which I kinda believe. They fight a lot, and he tends to act like a jerk even more often. He is my friend as well, but it's really starting to piss me off, she needs to take a stand. She was two friggin hours late :P So me and Kenya watched Desperate Housewives and had cake without her. It was nice :) When she finally did come around, that was nice as well. We just hung around, talking about everyone and their grandmothers. Turns out that my friend Silje, who has been anorectic for quite some time now, is doing a lot better. She has a boyfriend who's not a complete dick now, so I'm guessing that is part of the reason. It really is good news, I was worried :(

The two last "wildcard" Idol finalists are ready now, and it was David and Erik. Which both are great, I think :D I can't wait for the final rounds to start.