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johanne/lil sister/ghost 
3rd-Oct-2005 03:21 pm

I finished GTA 3: San Andreas, so hopefully my language will clean up a bit soon.

The Childcatcher

I was still a child when you caught me and tied me to your bed
you gave me shoes and pretty clothes, and i gave you what i had between my legs
Just a rite of passage, you held me down and said
"I'm gonna be your right of passage, so boy you better spread, spread em"

You said.."run run run as fast as you can but you cant run run from the childcatchers hands"

I wrote your name in my shit across the town to warn the kids of your bloodshed
when i chased you with a burning cross, my mother she wanted you dead

she said "run run run as fast as you can but you cant run run from our law given hand"

you said
"well i've got no time for victims and i don't think it was all that bad
and if you can't run to save yourself well then you deserve to be had
this is the age of constipation, this is the age of martyrdom
I think you even enjoyed it, I think I even saw you come"
3rd-Oct-2005 07:29 pm (UTC)
oh yes

one for me too please