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why can't i update this thing with just the power of mind? meh 
6th-Mar-2005 09:19 pm
For some reason writing in this on sundays always seem like such a chore... *shrugs* Anyway, here is what went down this weekend.

*stares at the screen*

Hmmmm OK here we go. FRIDAY! Woohoo friday! What happened friday? Oh that's right, friday I spent the night with my friend Grethe. We don't see eachother much these days, but she was one of my closest friends during jr. high and some of high school. So everytime we get together we enjoy ourselves. She lives just a couple of streets away from me, so from time to time I go there, and we make dinner together. Like on friday. We made..hmmm...that indian chicken thing. Chicken tandori. Which was really good :) Then, a bit later, Anja came over and we watched the first final of Idol together. Everyone was *really* good, I mean really. By far the best "crew" yet. One of them sucked big time though. Mari :( And what's sad is that the gay guy was cut, and not her. Which is sad because he has a great voice. I doubt she'll last long though, she really has nothing to do there. And I guess it's not that sad, cuz I don't think he would have lasted much longer anyway, with everyone else being so talented and all. It just pisses me off that she got such good feedback from the judges. She looked and sounded DRUNK :( After Idol, I just stayed there for a while, helping Anja finish her wine. I don't really drink red wine, but that's how nice I am :P Erik (little actor boy) called me and wanted to meet me, but somehow we didn't meet up afterall. I just went home instead, which was more than OK really.

Saturday I slept for a reeeeally long time. Went up to get something to eat about noon, but then I went to bed again :P Woke up when Kenya called me about some HB (booze) he had left here last weekend. It took me a while to actually find it, but I did and he got it so it was all good. After that I basicly just did nothing for a few hours. Played some WoW, watched some TV, made some dinner. First stop for the night was this pre-party at Stina's place. Well her rich father's nice appartment actually, but she's there a lot. It's the building next to mine, so not exactly a long walk. Her and Grete were both there, but other than that I didn't know anyone. I just sat around there for a bit, had a few drinks and watched the end of the Norwegian Eurovision Song Contest final. The winners were these 40 year old glam rockers from I don't know where. They looked...well not good :P The song was actually kinda good, reminded me of Darkness. But I don't think it stands much of a chance in ESC really. I didn't stay long, cuz I had promised my friend Espen to come to his pre-party as well :P So about I dunno one hour before midnight I went off. Also in Central Trondheim, so just a 15 minute walk. The party was...messy :P There were *a lot* of people there, and I have a feeling Espen didn't know half of them. The host himself was drunkkkkk. Really really drunk. He just talked and talked about all this different crap. Like why I didn't "hang on to him" and "we could have been something" and those kinds of things. We sorta had this thing going on last fall, and I guess it really could have been something. But then again, it might have not. He has a boyfriend now as well, so it's not like we can try again. His boyfriend is crap (obviously from the stuff i just said), but I guess not crap enough to break them up. *shrugs* I was supposed to go out and meet Kenya, Russia (Andrej), Richard and Ken Robin, but for some reason they were leaving that place I was supposed to meet them at and going to Samfundet. I didn't want to go there :'( So I went to party number THREE! Yes that's right :P Another friend from jr.high just moved in with her boyfriend and was having a party to celebrate n such. Actually, she's not much of a friend, but Grethe, Stene (grethe's boyfriend) and Lene was going there and they *are* my friends :) So I stayed there for a while. The appartment was really nice, and *really central. Good for her :P The party wasn't so good tho. Full of people who think a little too high of themselves. So I left :P For home this time. I was supposed to go back to Espen again, but "naaaaaaw screw it". So I just went home and drunkenly played some WoW before going to bed :p

Today I also slept for a really long time. Did zero nothing nada until about 7pm when I went out to meet my family for dinner at a restaurant. Sortof like a birthday celebration. It was really nice, we had this thing where they give you lots of raw steak. And then they put hot hot hotttt rocks on the table, and you fry them as you need them. Like fondue kinda I guess. Very good! Aaaand *drumroll*.........*drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*.........they gave me a new cell! The promise to pay for one at least, so I get to pick whiich one myself :D I've been dreading actually paying for a new one, so this is great news :D

Bad news? It's my turn to clean the livingroom and bathroom, so I have to do that after people have gone to bed. And I have a dentist appointment tomorrow :(

But good weekend n such. Yay new cell!