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So Matias (lil bro) was telling me about the Idol auditions… 
14th-Nov-2005 01:09 am

So Matias (lil bro) was telling me about the Idol auditions today when I was home for his birthday. His girlfriend had gotten through to the second round of auditions, and he went with her to keep her company. It was really interesting to hear what he had to say. Apparantly *everything* is fake. Haha. Nothing is spontaneous. They make the ones who get through to the next round come jumping all happy like out the door time after time, until it's good enough on tape. And then they tape the "before" shot, meaning the moment before they are up to go in front of the judges. Which is kindof silly, when they already have been there, and know they are moving on to the next round :P Also, the show hosts were just hanging around looking bored most of the day, and only acted all bouncy when there was time for some interview.

I'm amused :P
14th-Nov-2005 05:21 pm (UTC)
I KNEW it :p