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prince of procrastination 
19th-Mar-2005 12:10 pm

This post will look a lot like the one Victoria made a few days back. I have all this shit to do before my train leaves (in four hours), but I'm just sitting around doing nothing, nill and a bit of nada. I still haven't done the time consuming shaving. Bah. I need to update my ipod with new music. I need to PACK. I have barely started :P I'm kinda blaming my hangover, but truth is that it is almost gone now. *sigh*

Yesterday was nice, seeing all those people again. We watched Idol, which was very entertaining cuz Bendik was there. Bendik participated in Idol last year, and actually made it pretty far. He thinks very highly of his own talent. His comments during the show yesterday was priceless. And sometimes he would start singing the tunes of the participants just to show us how it is really done *lols*.  Silje was there too, she looked terrible. I had heard she looked a lot better now, but I really didn't see it at all. The anorexia is really killing her :( She did look a bit more full of life though, not so drained as before. I guess her new boyfriend is good for her and not an asshole like the last one.

Oh and David was cut from Idol, which I am totally fine with. Look at him. Yeah I know you want it in your face, biotch!

19th-Mar-2005 03:26 pm (UTC)
You are leaving me?

Cry :'(
19th-Mar-2005 03:47 pm (UTC)
Hurry up and get to Stockholm so you can surround yourself with the cool big city guys ;)