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this will be a fat one 
30th-Mar-2005 04:46 pm
I'm sick sick sick and really tired, but I need to update this thing :|

The last days in Stockholm were as nice as the first. And not so stressful :) I never got to see Diego, cuz he's a lazy ass bitch, but I did meet up with Johan that thursday. The plan was to see a movie and get something to eat. Sounds easy, right? Apparantly not. Johan knew of a video shop nearby, so we went there all satisfied with how close it was. It turned out to be about the size of a closet though, and the selection was sucky at best. In spite of this we managed to find a movie that looked kinda interesting ("Taking Lives" with Angelina) and so we went over to the counter. So far so good :P The idiot Turkish owner of the store wasn't gonna let us get off that easy though. In order to rent the movie we had to make an account. I wasn't eligable, because of my Norwegianity. And Johan hadn't brought his ID. *le sigh* Apparantly my Visa (which is also an ID. clever norway) was not good enough. After a lot of back and forth he let us rent the movie in return for temporarily leaving my Visa (!!!) and some sort of membership card Johan had, there and pick them up again when returning the movie. Fine! Turkish sonomabeeeech. So we got the stupid movie and went back to the appartment. Once we were there though, we figured out that we needed something to eat. So we went down to the pizza place just down the street. But wait...in Sweden you usually need an ID when using a credit card. And Johan didn't have an ID. And my fucking Visa was at the motherfucking video store! Aaaaargh! So we had to go back to the video store, trade my Visa for Johan's Visa, go back to the pizza place and buy food with my Visa and only THEN could we go back to the appartment and watch Angelina. Mama mia, ay caramba! The movie was OK. Tried to be a bit more than it actually was, but it was aaight :P After the movie we watched some BBC special about the African savannah and "The Mexican" was on so we watched that. I think he left then, and I fell asleep like *snap*.

Friday Anders was still with Henrik in Haninge, so I just spent the day chilling by myself, cleaning up a bit around the appartment. And later that night I went out to Haninge as well. Henrik is great in the kitchen, so he made some fancy ass gay dinner and fancy ass drinks to go with it. They had limes and they were tres tres yummy :) And they got me kinda drunk as well. Me and Anders was supposed to go out, but the people we had planned on meeting ditched us and I was kinda tired anyway, so I went back to the appartment and he went back to Haninge (cuz the dog was still there and Henrik was working the entire next day).

Why is this entry taking so goddamn long? >:(

Saturday was also kinda soft, I stayed inside almost all day. That night I went out to eat with Anders, Henrik and Jacob at some tapas bar at Söder. I really liked it there, and the food was awesome. I had some garlic chicken with fried potato "boats" and tomato salat :D Anders and Henrik were going back to Haninge after that, but Jacob and I wanted to party, so we went back to Anders' appartment to drink his beer and so that I could get all sexed up. We had a blast getting drunk and watching funny internet flash movies :D When it got to about midnight, I decided to go out alone, cuz Jacob (for some crazy reason) wanted to stay there and clean the appartment. Haha wtf? Well he's not old enough to go clubbing anyway, so it was fine with me. First I went to a gay club called Rio. It was great with great music for quite some time, but suddenly some weird lesbian karaoke thing started. It sucked big ass sweaty balls and the place was getting really smokey from all the people smoking, so I went over to Lino (another club) instead. I don't really know why, I only stayed for like half an hour. After that I just went back to Jacob which, like he said he would, had cleaned out everything cept the fridge. No more gross dog hairs everywhere \o/

Sunday? Slept for a deliciously long time, and then me and Jacob had some yummy breakfast :) My friend Kim
(digitalneedle</b></a>) was in Stockholm as well at that time, so I met up with him downtown. Very nice seeing him again. And the weather was great, real sunny and springy. That night we went out as well; me, Anders, Henrik and Johan. Waited fucking forever in line to get in, and I didn't stay for long either. Too crowded, so I went home before the rest.

Monday we slept for a long time again, this time Henrik and Anders at the appartment as well. Henrik left about...I dunno...3pm to go to work, and me and Anders just stayed home and watched that third Star Wars movie. Jacob came over as well. We discovered Anders hadn't seen Attack of the Clones, so later that night we watched that movie as well :)

Tuesday easter was over. Anders went to work, and I stayed at home with Koff. Walked him and all that. I love that dog, I really do. Around 6 I went into town and met Anders. We went to this really cool clothing shop and I got a new tee, it was hella rad :D After that we went and ate at food court. Anders went back home to pay some bills and I went and got my train ticket (only sitting tho, no bed :/ it was to late to book that or something) and went a short trip to Gamla Stan to fix something for a friend that is quitting drugs. The rest of that night we just chilled at home, and I packed. Anders and Koff dropped me off at the train station a little before midnight. Koff looked like he wanted to chase the train, it was so cute ^.^

The trip home wasn't very pleasant. Like I said, I had to sit the entire way, and the sickness that I'm feeling right now was kinda starting to appear. Also, the train ticket guy was being an asshole, not accepting Norwegian Visas. I got here around noon today tho, and as expected my shoes had arrived. They are sooo tight, maybe I will post some pics later. Right now I just need to fucking SLEEP. I won't tho. Cuz I've missed my computer so much. And cuz I want to talk to Hugo. It's his bday today, so I guess he will be busy, but yay for being optimistic!

If you read all of this, you definately get a brownie or fifteen. And waffles :)
30th-Mar-2005 05:02 pm (UTC)
30th-Mar-2005 07:33 pm (UTC)
Yay! *throws some in your direction*
31st-Mar-2005 02:34 am (UTC)
Sounds like fun!

But I wouldn't have trusted my visa with a shady Turkish small movie place owner. :|
3rd-Nov-2009 01:42 pm (UTC) - Identity
F**king, f**king, mad as hell. my name is markus bollingmo. (my friends call me Gökhan.) i'm f**king mad, mad , mad as i paid good US$ for this name on the basis that it would not be resold and i would have it exclusively. F**king Ertuğ,Swedish f**ker.

And hell no, no amount of brownies is going to put this right.