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och alla som älskat mig har hatat mig av redsla....för att bli smittat 
1st-Apr-2005 08:11 am

Still sick :(

Kinda better tho...I guess. My body doesn't ache like it did, and I don't feel as weak. But my throat is hurting more for some reason, and swallowing is fucking hell. Every time I swallow I get this sharp pain between my throat and my right ear, making me press my hand against my ear.

I still have the fever thing, alternating between boiling hot to my jaw shaking from cold. I'm sitting here in a sweater jacket thingy, and it goes on and off all the time. It was soooo gross waking up this morning, my sheets were soaked. *shudders* I keep showering, but I only feel fresh for like half an hour.

Also, I keep having nightmares. That is like the number one sign of me getting sick, because I *never* have them otherwise. Last night I dreamt that I was on some kind of expedition in the jungle with a group of "adventurers". It was kinda like a computer game i suppose. With me I had my two twin sons (wtf? :P), which looked a lot like the twins in Desperate Housewives. There were also a guy in a wheelchair there and several others as well. How he got around in the jungle I really don't know, he just did :P Anyway, it ended with all of us getting brutally killed in some jungle temple my crazed red zombies because of a mistake I made. And the dream I most resently had was me and some others walking around with my mom. In the dream she was this fancy business entrepeneur kinda woman dressed up all business like. We came to this old and rusty railway crossing, and that is when the freaky part started. Someone in the group spotted the freaky girl from The Ring behind us in the grass. The reason it was so freaky was because it was so real. I could see her close up and woah it was so creepy. She kept mumbling stuff that I can't remember and she had this look of desperation in her face. Anyways, we just left her like that and walked on :P The next I can remember we were all walking through this grand train station. Really big, and you could tell it had been one of those magnificent buildings, but it was all old and shitty now. My mom was talking about how she wanted to restore it to it's old grandeur and make a mall out of it :P Somewhere inside this building this blue lightning like electricity spark hit my mother, and she went all loco. She found an ice pick from somewhere and she started stabbing her own thigh. *shudders* I think I woke up then...

My nightmares aren't usually like that though. I usually have more abstract ones. Like....I get really dizzy and freaked out by stuff like the infinity of time and the universe and stuff like that. The dream I remember the most was one I had for an entire night when I was in jr. high. Basicly I was observing a boomerang shaped island from far above, and i knew....i knew, that that island was gonna be there forever. And I would be there watching it forever. That was the whole dream, and the image and the "knowledge" entered my thoughts every time I closed my eyes. The whole night. Man, that was bad...

Also, Walker Texas Ranger is on TV Shop right now promoting some workout device. Hehehehe.

3rd-Apr-2005 12:50 am (UTC)
OMG, Adi... That sounds awful! (The sickness, I mean... not Walker's workout thingy :waggle)

:: Snuggles and sends brownies ::