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eh? eh? ;D 
5th-Apr-2006 11:48 pm

I have no idea how to use this thing though. The user manals are in German, French and Italian so I have to download it to get the English one. Besides, I haven't really had much time to play around with it yet.

Today was helllll. I worked almost 9 hours today and most of it consisted of putting frozen pancakes into metal trays. 300 kg of frozen friggin pancakes! Can't wait for tomorrow when they are serving them and I have to have them for lunch :P. Other than that, getting the camera was very complicated and stressfull. What the hell is the use of paying DHL when they can't do anything right? They just have to deliver. They can't seem to do that though. Not with the raptor and not now...so I had to go out and get it myself cuz there isn't anyone home here tomorrow, and I leave for Norway on friday. I hate it, because their warehouse is way out in an industrial area super far from the subway. Grrr! Also, I had a bit of a quarrel with Anders.
7th-Apr-2006 06:11 pm (UTC)
I thought I had fucked it over - but it turns out, all I really needed to do was to change the film. (it didn't react much when I put in the new batteries - but Sean fixed it - ie... put some new film in it. hehe)