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4th-Apr-2005 05:39 pm

Right now the money my parents gave me (400kr) is the only I'm going to have for the next 10 days. Suddenly going grocery shopping is this total nightmare. Omg will I have enough?! Omg Omg! :| But when I think of it, ten days isn't *that* much. I won't be able to spend money on anything else than food, but I'll live. Pasta is cheap, and it lasts many meals. Bread is cheap, and I have cheese and other stuff to put on it. Milk is cheap. No orange juice and stuff like that, I suppose. No snacks, no candy. No movies, no going out this weekend. I'm gonna check out one of those jalla jalla grocery stores, I've heard they have a lot of cheap food. Besides, I can't seem to find Thai sauce at regular super markets.

I still have the Trondheim Open Gift Certificate my parents gave me for Christmas. I can't spend it on groceries, but maybe I can go out and eat with someone....or something. 1000 kr :)

It's a hard knock life n such :P