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If Matt Can Do It... 
22nd-Jun-2006 02:03 pm

How old do you wish you were?
22 is workin out pretty allright.

Where were you when 9/11 happened?
I think I was on my way home from school. The second plane crashed into the building the moment I came through the door.

What do you do when vending machines steal your money?
I'm a vending machine virgin.

Do you consider yourself kind?
Yes :]

If you had to get a tattoo, where would it be?
I would probably just get more work done on the one I have. Fill in a couple of none inked spots.

If you could be fluent in any other language, what would it be?
French and (Brasilian) Portuguese. Don't make me choose.

Do you know your neighbors?
No. I'm getting increasingly interested in the smoking lesbians though.

What do you consider a vacation?
Not having to be a grown-up.

Do you follow your horoscope?

Would you move for the person you loved?
Maybe. Maybe not...

Are you touchy feely?
With some people I am, and with some people I'm really not.

Do you believe that opposites attract?
Sometimes it's true, but it's hardly a unoversal truth.

Dream job?
Me and my camera. I haven't really worked out the details yet.

Favorite place to go on weekends?
Weekend getaways are overrated.

Do you paint your nails?
What? No.

Do you trust people easily?
Not really? I don't know.

What are your phobias?
Arachnophobia (spiders) and whatever you call fear of deep waters. Not really a fan of standing on edges of hights either. None of them are very serious though.

Do you want kids?
I don't think so. I think I would have been a good parent though.

Do you keep a handwritten journal?

Where would you rather be right now?
New York City.

Who makes you feel warm and fuzzy?
Jeff, Dustin, Koff ++

Are you paranoid?
Nope. I'm pretty laid back.

Are you impatient?
I can be. Whenever I try getting a tan, yes.

Who can you relate to?
People who struggle with money.

Have you been burned by love?
My worst "burn" I got over in two days. So I guess not...

What's your favorite pick-up line?
I'm a pick-up line virgin too.

What were you doing at midnight last night?
I was in the car with Alex I think. Who keeps track?

What did the last text on your cellphone say?
"Ska møt Anja på Mormors ca kvart over åtte...så kjæm du no bare når du får ti ;)"

What's your favorite town/city?
I really do like Stockholm, if I ignore the gay scene.

I can't wait till:
I'm tanned.

Who got you to join LJ?
I had friends with journals, and I got curious.

What did you have for dinner last night?
Microwaved pizza.

How tall are you barefoot?
Last time I measured I was 5"10. But I was 17 then, and I'm taller now.

Do you own a gun?
Not a fan...

What is your secret weapon to lure a mate?
That's a secret.

Where do you think you'll be in 10 yrs?
No idea. I don't even know where I'll be a year from now.

What songs do you sing in the shower?
I don't do that. I dance in front of the mirror though.

Last thing that made you laugh?

Drunk to the fat guy from Lost: Oh shit, nigga. I guess your ass got off the island, huh?

Old Jewish lady: I knew it!

Worst injury you've ever had?
You know, nothing really stands out.

Does someone have a crush on you?

What's your favorite candy?
I like the sweet sweet stuff. Like gummy bears. I like almost everything else too though. Mmm candy :)

What song do you want played at your funeral?
"747" by Kent.
(no subject) - Anonymous
22nd-Jun-2006 04:57 pm (UTC)

well hello nice to meet you :)
(no subject) - Anonymous
22nd-Jun-2006 11:16 pm (UTC)
koff is gorgeous i know

he could never do anything like that though. he's not very well behaved with other dogs :P
22nd-Jun-2006 07:55 pm (UTC)
I wanna know the secret!
22nd-Jun-2006 11:17 pm (UTC)
of course you do
22nd-Jun-2006 11:23 pm (UTC)
If you won't tell me you can always just use it on me and I'll find out that way ;)
23rd-Jun-2006 03:34 am (UTC)
how do you know i haven't already used it on you?
23rd-Jun-2006 03:46 am (UTC)
I'm very perceptive, plus I was kinda hoping it would be something that would make me 'take notice' so to speak.
23rd-Jun-2006 03:55 am (UTC)
oh it's not

it's very sneaky
23rd-Jun-2006 03:21 am (UTC)
you were getting home from school when the second plane hit and I was on my way to the orthodontist to get my teeth glued and crap.
23rd-Jun-2006 03:36 am (UTC)
home from school? wasnt this in the morning?
23rd-Jun-2006 08:44 pm (UTC)
well you said in that little survey that you were getting home from school. It was in the morning but I was called out of my school for my appointment with the orthodontist.
23rd-Jun-2006 08:53 am (UTC)
That was the first text only entry I have read on LJ for weeks! The funniest thing you heard in New York made me giggle. :) x
23rd-Jul-2006 05:51 pm (UTC)
have you ever studied french? if you would really like to learn it i could help.