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3rd-Feb-2005 08:07 pm
I dunno why, but I'm in a really crappy mood right now. I just want to stick out my lip and make a defiant face to the world. My skin feels dry, my hair feels itchy and everything else feels bleh too. Bleh :( I'm really tired, but if I go to bed this early, I know I'm gonna wake up like 4am, or even sooner. Fucking messed up sleeping habits. Sleeping would probably fix this pretty good, but yeah that's out of the question so once again bleh :P

Hah, and it's not even for a reason :P It's a good thing no annoying people are on msn, I would probably Supah Zarcastic 2000 or something, I tend to get kinda mean to people like that when I'm like this. I've been avoiding conversations with the people I live with almost all day. Bente had one thing to say to me tho. Apparantly we're going to have a "meeting" this weekend. Our cleaning lists went out of date a couple of weeks ago and things have been a bit chaotic ever since. Someone could easilly have made a new list tho, without a "meeting". I know who is behind this tho, oh yes I know. Vigdis is behind it. Right now she's doing the whole intern thing in Molde, so she's only home on the weekends. And god fucking forbid if things aren't peachy clean, cuz if they aren't she will not be glad. Not at all. I woke up one morning in january to a poster on the cupboard over the sink, where she was being pissy about a frying pan that hadn't been washed right away (apparantly that ruins them, so that's cool. but i didn't know that, no need to HATE!) and the proclamation that the appartment looked like a "rat's nest". Wtf, it did so not :/ It looked fine. I like Vigdis a lot, but when it comes to keeping it tidy, she needs to CHILL! And I hate the way she thinks she's better than us, just cuz she has a lower toleranse level for that kind of stuff. The way you can tell by her sniffing that she has cleaned up something ignificent after you. Like....you can find your shoes all neatly up against the wall (without them being really unneat at all before really), and then when you look over at her she'll be all chin in the air "sniff sniff since nobody else did it, i had to". There hasn't been any real confront tions about it yet tho, so Saturday can get interesting...

Man, I feel like shit.

(just for the record, i really like vigdis. it's just that side of her...and my mood)
3rd-Feb-2005 09:40 pm (UTC)
I think it's because you're listening to Justin Timberlake. :(
3rd-Feb-2005 11:08 pm (UTC)
Shut up Tish, that song is genious and you know it! And very fitting for my mood. *imagines self in the music video, all cool and mad and killing kittens*

4th-Feb-2005 01:12 am (UTC)

I'm going to forgive you for that because you obviously don't understand the English language too well.