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who are you people reading all my stupid stuff anyway? 
17th-Oct-2006 11:55 pm

I know I have done this before, but that was ages ago. There are so many of you that have added me to your friends lists that I have no idea who are. It would be great if you could just in a little comment tell me who you are. And maybe a little bit about yourself?

That goes for you people without livejournals too! You can use the anonymous comment feature :)

Basicly: if you suspect I might not know who you are, tell me! I would really appreciate it ;)
17th-Oct-2006 09:57 pm (UTC)
i just liked your photos! and the tendecy for naked male flesh.

eh i'm in paul, live in glasgow, back from a year out in barcelona, yeh etc.!

17th-Oct-2006 10:04 pm (UTC)
Haha. Yeah I guess I tend to like tendencies like that too.

I've always wanted to visit Barcelona. Well maybe not always, but for a while :)
(no subject) - Anonymous
17th-Oct-2006 10:05 pm (UTC)
Hello Alicia :)

My entries aren't all that, but I'm glad you like them!
(no subject) - Anonymous
17th-Oct-2006 10:10 pm (UTC)
There's been a lot of Dad entries this fall I suppose.

Thanks for the compliments :)
17th-Oct-2006 10:09 pm (UTC)

haha, i am from new york
17th-Oct-2006 10:11 pm (UTC)
oh, but i know who you are though. i already read your journal :)
17th-Oct-2006 10:38 pm (UTC)
Just a lurker from Miami, Florida. Love your photos, even the ones without the naked boys, and appreciate your honest chronicle of your life.
17th-Oct-2006 10:40 pm (UTC)
Hello Miami :)
17th-Oct-2006 10:39 pm (UTC)
do u know who I am? LOL
17th-Oct-2006 10:41 pm (UTC)
You're that Lebo kid aren't you? :P
17th-Oct-2006 10:53 pm (UTC)
I am Matt, from Sydney Australia.

I saw your photos somewhere [possibly suicide boys LJ community?]. I really like your style of photography - the way you record your life and share it with everyone. It's really something special.
17th-Oct-2006 11:05 pm (UTC)
oh, and a bit of info about me. I'm currently studying photography part time while working a boring office job that drives me insane but pays the expenses of living in such a city as Sydney.
(no subject) - Anonymous Expand
17th-Oct-2006 11:01 pm (UTC)
Oh, and I'm originally from Northern Ireland, where I still live during non-term time.
17th-Oct-2006 11:01 pm (UTC)
hi there------I'm just a mountain boy from Cali. I live on a ranch in the
Sierra Nevada Mtns. about 35 miles from Lake Tahoe(as a crow flys).

I started reading you lj about a yr ago,but only commented a couple times.

I love your photo's,but even more than that I love reading about you
close relationship with your family.

btw------I'm Cory.
17th-Oct-2006 11:42 pm (UTC)
Hi Cory :)

I went to Mammoth Lakes once...that's Sierra Nevadas right?

17th-Oct-2006 11:02 pm (UTC)
When the Blues went mad adding everyone to their LJ lists, I added you. It's Jundna/Pip, and I'm 18, live in London and I'm a Med. Student
17th-Oct-2006 11:44 pm (UTC)
Hah! That's how I got started on lj in the first place....to keep up with all the Blues who didn't post in the Tower. Seems like forever ago.

So you just started Med School now then?
17th-Oct-2006 11:22 pm (UTC)
I don't know why I have you on my f-list. :| I hate you and think your art is just aweful. :look

*schedules a time to fly over the Pacific for a tea party so that Dave can swim in enough time* :look :D
17th-Oct-2006 11:44 pm (UTC)
I BARELY remember who Dave is. Haha.

I haven't forgotten you though :)
17th-Oct-2006 11:32 pm (UTC)
alla älskar dig
17th-Oct-2006 11:45 pm (UTC)
I love you too, sunshine :)
17th-Oct-2006 11:36 pm (UTC)
I'm Pam, a young New Yorker (but not a New York City-er) who strongly enjoys your "stupid stuff"! i love the book The Phantom Tollbooth and I can eat a ton of yogurt at once.
17th-Oct-2006 11:47 pm (UTC)
Nice to meet you Pam :)

Dude! I mean...girl! I don't see how people can do with those tiny yoghurt packages. I always gulf down four of them at once.

What book is that?
17th-Oct-2006 11:38 pm (UTC)

I'm Jason. I saw a picture of you on a friend's friends page and thought you were cute, and then we somehow ended up friends on myspace (http://www.myspace.com/jdotson) and I found out that you did photography, which I think is awesome. We've spoken once on aim also. I think I may have been a bit drunk, because I can't help but feel like I was awkward, but you were very nice to me regardless, and suggested I add you to my friends on livejournal.

And so I did.

Oh yeah, I'm in the US. New York and S. Carolina(gross) when classes are in.
17th-Oct-2006 11:50 pm (UTC)
Jason, you know I think you're gorgeous. Every time I'm on your myspace I just end up staring at your photos.

I'm sorry, you must have got lost in my ocean of aim contacts. I'd love to talk again some time :)
17th-Oct-2006 11:48 pm (UTC)
hi, i'm kelly and i saw you on raptamakeout, specifically the self portraits of you near the window... and i simply love your work.

i'm from michigan. it just snowed here. and that's appalling.
17th-Oct-2006 11:53 pm (UTC)
Hi Kelly :)

Awh I'm sorry about your snow. Heh. I tend to like it until after Christmas. When New Years has passed I'm so over it, and I'm ready for spring.

(i peeked at your journal just now, and i really like your photos)
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