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hay hay 
16th-Nov-2006 12:02 am

So I met up with John and his friend and I actually had a great time. They were both really nice :)

I guess a lot of you will know who this dude is and a lot of you won't. His name is John Cameron Mitchell and he is a movie director. He has previously made a movie called Hedvig And the Angry Inch, and now he's in Europe promoting his new film Shortbus. Anyway he wrote to me online a couple of months back and told me that he liked my photos, and that he would like to meet up when he got here for the Stockholm Film Festival.

Well he's here now, and I met him and his friend James who is also in town. We went to this posh restaurant where we ate rabbits and frogs and all sorts of cute creatures. Super fancy. The hotel had even arranged for champagne for us there, even though it wasn't part of the hotel or anything. Hah! It was pretty good though. And the guys were so great, and easy to talk to. It's nice to meet people you're able to relax with. After, we went back to their hotel because they wanted to show me their psychadelic room (see photos) and just ended up chatting some more for a while. Also the film festival was having some sort of big fancy opening party down in the lobby so we went there to have a couple of drinks n such. I had to go though, cuz I have work in the morning and all.

I'll see them again tomorrow anyway. Their screening of Shortbus is the opening film for the festival, and I'm taking Anders there to see it. Then I guess we'll see John and James at the party after and then go someplace else or something. Can't wait to see this movie :)

OK I really have to go to bed now. V_V
17th-Nov-2006 03:43 pm (UTC)
Oh everything. Me going to NYC, his actors, Sweden, America....pretty much everything :)