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25th-Nov-2006 08:03 pm

Open your WMP/iTunes/WinAmp/whatever and select 'All Audio'. Set the setting to 'Random' and write down the first fifteen tracks that start playing. (no cheating!).

Heh OK:

1. Aristocats - Everybody Wants To Be a Cat
2. Lil Kim - Heavenly Father
3. Chris Brown - Yo (Excuse Me Miss)
4. Soggy Bottom Boys - Man of Constant Sorrow
5. Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man
6. Shystie - Unfinished Business
7. Tony Touch Ft Sean Paul - Ay Ay Ay
8. Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus
9. M.I.A & Missy Elliot - Bucky Done Gun/Lose Control Remix
10. Kent - Rosor & Palmblad
11. Margaret Berger - Lifetime Guarantee
12, Ayuma Hamasaki - I Am...
13. Turbonegro - Train of Flesh
14. Justin Timberlake - Take Me Now (And She Said)
15. Lenny Kravitz - Again

For the record, I hate that Hamasaki girl and I have no idea what she was doing on my playlist :P
26th-Nov-2006 02:02 am (UTC)