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my aunt and my portfolio 
9th-Dec-2006 04:32 pm

This is from the Terry Pratchett book I'm currently reading. The people are Archchancellor Ridcully and his posse of wizards:

'It was just a thought,' said Ridcully. 'Come on, let's have a look at the rest of those heaps.'
'Yeah!' said the Dean, now in the grip of a wild, unwizardly machismo. 'We're mean! Yeah! Are we mean?'
The Archchancellor raised his eyebrows, and then turned to the rest of the wizards.
' Are we mean?' he said.
'Er. I'm feeling reasonably mean,' said the Lecturer in Recent Runes.
'I'm definately very mean, I think,' said the Bursar. 'It's having no boots that does it.' he added.
'I'll be mean if everyone else is,' said the Senior Wrangler.
The Archchancellor turned back to the Dean.
'Yes,' he said, 'it appears that we are all mean,'
'Yo!' said the Dean.
'Yo what?' said Ridcully.
'It's not a yo what, it's just a yo,' said the Senior Wrangler, behind him. 'It's a general street greeting and affirmative with convival military ingroup and masculine bonding-ritual overtones.'
'What? What? Like "jolly good"?' said Ridcully.
' I suppose so,' said the Senior Wrangler, reluctantly.
Ridcully was pleased. Ankh-Morpork had never offered very good prospects for hunting. He'd never thought it was possible to have so much fun in his own university.
'Right,' he said. 'Let's get those heaps!'
Ridcully sighed. 'Bursar?'
'Yes, Archchancellor?'
' Just try to understand, all right?'
9th-Dec-2006 04:30 pm (UTC)
Thihi. Love Pratchett. Wonder why none of his books have been adapted for the movies. Probably it had to be animation movies, but still.

Well, except Good Omens, but that project was abandoned so.
10th-Dec-2006 12:12 am (UTC)
There were animated versions of Weird Sisters and Soul Music done a few years back - they were flawed, but entertaining, and had a stellar voice cast (Christopher Lee as Death!)

And there's a live-action version of Hogfather being transmitted on Sky over the holidays - I'm really hoping I can get a friend with digital telly to record it for me...
10th-Dec-2006 10:52 am (UTC)
Now that I didn't know. I'm going to search for them now, to buy, download or borrow.