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what part of ok computer is so hard to understand 
13th-Jul-2007 01:42 pm

Ugh I swear, every step towards fixing this piece of crap is a test. Pisses me off :p

So I reformatted finally. And reinstalled windows finally. Next step is to update the drivers ya? And for that I need internet so I can download the updates.

And that`s where I`m stuck again :p.

Sam has this tv/internet/phone thing called Freebox, and the original plan was to connect my computer via a network cable and let Sam connect through wireless. Well for some reason the computer refuses to recognize the cable being plugged in. There`s the little light and everything, but it can`t detect any network. I restarted a million times and tried to install the Freebox software, but it stops in the middle of the installation telling me to plug in the internet :p

So! Plan B... Laurent had this D-Link usb wireless adapter thing so we decided to try to connect wirelessly from my computer instead. At first it seems to work out fine. The connection is there, but for some reason anything related to the internet won`t work. Then after I put in all the passwords to access the connection, it works for maybe two minutes until the 2 little connection icons down in the right corner disappear, along with the connection. And every time I try to reconnect it stays there for a few seconds until the icons disappear along with the connection. It`s not an icon that says "no connection", it`s no icon at all :p

Aaaand that is where I am now. It pisses me off because I`m so clueless about these things and I keep having to ask for help from others :/
13th-Jul-2007 02:41 pm (UTC)
I don't know if you did this... but it's the only thing I can suggest. Reinstall the drivers for your PC's network card and try the cable again. You can download the driver onto Sam's PC and then put it on a CD (I assume his PC can burn CDs) and install it on your PC. Technically all the drivers can be updated that way. G'luck!

13th-Jul-2007 09:19 pm (UTC)
have you tried seeing what's happening with the local connections?
hope you figure out your computer!
14th-Jul-2007 02:45 pm (UTC)
hi..for so long..
Moneda is right.. when you format a pc you delete all the drivers.. including the one that has to do with the network adapter, wireless connection.. everything.. in order to be able to konnect to the internet first you have to install all the drivers that has to do with it.. usually when you purchase a pc they give you a CD with all the drivers... but if it's not the case.. you can download them from the internet... ok? good luck ...