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nomination stuff 
3rd-Mar-2008 12:17 am

I really do hope Obama gets elected. I really don't give a shit about the hope halleluja, but this guy seems real. This guy just really fucking gets it. And it's all genuine!

Hillary Clinton will of course be ten times better than John McCain and a hundred times better than Bush, but still she seems so full of political poison to me. Every move she is making in her campaign seems so calculated and strategic...everything else than genuine. I understand she is just playing the usual game, I do. But just the fact that Obama is (mostly) raising himself above that game says a lot to me. And the stuff about her being more experienced is just bullshit. More poisoned maybe...

I know, I am not American. But who is elected over there affects the rest of the world a whole lot. Bush is proof of that...

I don't read many political blogs, but there is one I like a lot and it is this one:

The Mahablog

Worth checking out, if you like that sort of stuff...
2nd-Mar-2008 11:30 pm (UTC)
I agree, I agree, I agree. Obama all the way.
3rd-Mar-2008 01:05 am (UTC)
I agree that Obama is a great orator, he does seem to have an aura about him and connects with the people better. Watching one of yesterday's rallys, Obama engaged in banter with some of the crowd (photographers) while on stage speaking, seems more human; while Hillary, you noticed alot more umm's, uh's, and whatnot and more textbook organized responses that seemed more robotic, like you said, playing the political game rather than connecting with the American people. Clinton and Obama's policies are almost exactly the same, but if I was registered to vote, my support goes to Clinton. I did want Obama to get elected to Senate when he was running a few years back and was glad when he did, but I feel Clinton has a better chance at bringing the change that both candidates talk about. Part of this is because she does understand the political game, she has the connections and the friends in Washington that she'll need to make change. If the next President walks into the White House and starts making such rapid changes all at once it isn't going to work out, you piss the wrong people off and you won't be able to do the important things like increased educational funding, health care reform, and stricter standards border security and import regulations (cuz the FDA is total crap, they blame it on lack of funding yet give themselves huge bonuses). But yea, nothing can get done in Washington without support and funding, and if you really get at some people, they will make it very difficult for you to get either. Sometimes you have to allow a state representative $4 million dollars of gov't resources to build a "cattle museum" in their hometown so that they make sure their committee allows the reallocation of public lands into a state wildlife preserve (just some weird example, but i did hear a story about millions earmarked for some bs museum on something like cattle or w/e). Hey if Obama wants to run in 4 or 8 years and Gore isn't running, then he has my support then, as long as he keep's most of his fundamental policies. But hey, I won't throw a fit unless another Republican is elected President. I feel ashamed to be American after we re-elected Bush, I honestly don't know what people were thinking "hey he's completely screwed over the country his first four years, lets give him another four for good measure" sry for long response :S
3rd-Mar-2008 01:46 am (UTC)
She can do that stuff as VP :P

And Obama is not *that* new to it all. I think there is a lot more to him than charisma.
3rd-Mar-2008 02:46 am (UTC)
Well I guess we'll find out this Tuesday night. I'm still hoping for a Clinton/Gore White House again =P If Obama does win, I wish him the best of luck, he's gonna need it trying to clean up all of Bush's messes (with his sanity intact)
3rd-Mar-2008 01:43 pm (UTC)
I'm fairly indifferent in this one :P I'd actually support both Obama and Hillary, because they're in the same party - I just hope the autocratic "Bush administration" ways end. This is not democracy!

Special relationshit or not, the UK needs to stop fannying around with America so much and realise that Europe is its friend, not its enemy.

Not hatin' just saying, it's perfectly easy for Britain to maintain its relations with the Commonwealth (and the USA :P) AS WELL AS Europa.

Went off on one there...

But hey, Australia got a good prime minister, so Amerika should follow suit!
3rd-Mar-2008 11:19 pm (UTC)
It's always interesting to me to read the opinions of "the rest of the world" about who our President will be. Markus is right, who we elect does affect the rest of the world, it always has. Obama, Hillary or McKain will be much different than what we have now. No question.