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hahaha yeeeah! 
19th-May-2005 11:31 pm

Norway is on to the final on saturday! For you Americans that don't know what ESC is, this article is pretty good at explaining:


Eurovision Song Contest kicks off
Norway's Wig Wam
Norway's Wig Wam are among the expected frontrunners
This year's Eurovision Song Contest will get under way on Thursday when 25 countries compete in the semi-final.

Ten semi-finalists will go through to join performers from 15 other countries who have automatically won slots, including the United Kingdom's Javine.

The contest is being staged in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, last year's winner.

The semi-final will be broadcast live on BBC Three from 2000 BST. The final will be broadcast simultaneously on Saturday on BBC One and Radio 2.

Bookmakers in London put Greece's Helena and the Norwegian band Wig Wam as the odds-on favourites in the final.

France, Germany and Spain are among the other countries already in the final.

Televised event

In the semi-finals, Switzerland's all-female Vanilla Ninja, Hungary's Nox and Bosnia-Herzegovina's Feminem are among the favourites to make the cut for the finals.

Greece's Helena
Greece's Helena is the bookmakers' joint favourite

Eurovision is one of Europe's major TV events, with more than 150 million people expected to watch the final.

The winner is determined by telephone voting in each country. This year's event is the 50th to be staged.

The most famous Eurovision winners of all-time are Sweden's ABBA, who followed their 1974 win with Waterloo with a string of worldwide hits.

Musical tradition

Eurovision contestants are characterised by the catchy melody of their songs, vivid outfits and energetic stage shows. Many draw heavily on their countries' musical traditions.

Last year's winner, Ruslana, combined both elements by drawing on the music of Ukraine's wild Carpathian Mountains region while wearing leather and fur and doing a modern dance routine.

Latvia's Putnu Balle (Bird's Party)
Latvia's Putnu Balle (Bird's Party) are competing in Kiev

Ukraine is unlikely to notch up a second consecutive win. Bookmakers have see its entry Green Jolly as an 80-1 shot.

One of their rap songs was the unofficial anthem of last year's Orange Revolution protests.

Huge crowds sang their songs when they gathered in downtown Kiev to protest against the presidential election results.

(no subject) - Anonymous
19th-May-2005 10:15 pm (UTC)
You mean how all the Eastern European countries just vote for eachother? :P

I enjoy it, I think it's about taking it for what it is and nothing more.
19th-May-2005 10:54 pm (UTC)
the Wig Wam guy is scary looking. :(
20th-May-2005 04:28 am (UTC)

I am almost happy to spend 12+ hours on the train just to avoid listening to/hearing the ppl above me (studenthybel..ICK!) watching that stuff. It can be rather amusing, though, especially like a couple of years ago when we used it as a vorspiel event...after I dunno how many drinks some ppl actually started discussing/arguing over which one they should vote for..*shakes head*
20th-May-2005 05:45 pm (UTC)
I cannot stress how much I despise the Eurovision.