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and the winner iiiizz 
21st-May-2005 12:17 am

Jorun Stiansen is the winner of Norwegian Idol 2005! Yay! She actually did a great job tonight, and it was a terrific finale. I enjoyed it a lot. The way she got all blown away when she won was precious. She's so sweet! I really hope she gets to work with the right people and finds something that works for her. I know that if she has to go through the usual pop industry people with their pop music recipes, she will probably just fade away into nothing pretty fast, and I don't want that. I want her to succed. Yay! :)

Also we ended up watching Zorro, it ran on TV3 tonight. I saw this movie once as a kid, but I had forgotten all about it. And it rocked! The scenes where he does all his gracious fighting....the humor...the hotness of Zeta-Jones and Banderas. Ay caramba! I know the new Zorro flick has both of them in it, so now I can't wait for that one to get out :D