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so jun is leaving again 
9th-Jul-2009 06:47 pm

There is a new law in France where if you download stuff illegally they will cut your internet access and make you pay a big fine. Boo :( I don't download much, but I do download the shows I follow. Even if I would wait until they came to France they would be dubbed in French and I can't stand that. Boo! I hope to figure out a way around it...

Jun is going back to Tokyo again next week, pretty much permanently this time. So I made him model for me one last time :)

9th-Jul-2009 11:36 pm (UTC)
Obtain a usenet account (I use usenetserver.com as it allows SSL connections).

Obtain an account with newzbin.com.

Use newzbin to find your shows, download the posts indexed in the resulting NZB file via a newsreader over an SSL connection, and you're good to go.
13th-Jul-2009 01:36 am (UTC)