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so it's been another great trip 
18th-Aug-2014 11:39 am

Two weeks car trip! I think we passed through 7 countries and all. First we drove from Paris to Hamburg and spent the night there. Then the next day we went up through Denmark, stopping in Copenhagen to check it out. I've never actually been into the city before, only passing by on the highway or stopping at the airport. It was nice! Then we drove the evening up to Sweden and stopped at a beach camping there. I don't know if you have this in America and Asia, but in Europe there are these camping holiday spots where people spend their entire holidays in tents and mobile homes. It's kind of a bizarre thing... The location was really nice though, with a beautiful Swedish beach :)

18th-Aug-2014 12:32 pm (UTC)
It was lovely there!

I'm not sure it's the same in America though, from what I've seen in tv and movies.