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Candle light waffle soires 
9th-Feb-2005 07:10 pm
I totally forgot to mention this yesterday. You see, there was an event definately worth mentioning to you all. I have bought a waffle iron!! Yeshhh, yesh I have :D I was out grocery shopping when I passed that aisle with all those ready-to-go baking mixes. You know for stuff like brownies, pancakes and waffles! Clas Olson is like right next to the grocery store, so I just stopped by after and picked up a waffle iron for 300kr. So pleased with myself :D So last night Alex (Kenya) came over and we made waffles and watched Desperate Housewives. I love that show. Especially Jesse Metcalfe, the hottie gardener. Yum! Oh and the waffles were great as well. I'm thinking of becoming the waffle person amongst my friends, and invite people over for waffles.

Candle light waffle soire! \o/

Gonna go make some dinner now before Idol is on :)