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[23:48] Sipho1984: lol omg [23:49] Sipho1984: the doorbell rang… 
10th-Jul-2005 12:05 am

[23:48] Sipho1984: lol omg
[23:49] Sipho1984: the doorbell rang right
[23:50] Sipho1984: and it was these two girls from the flat over us and to the right
[23:50] DVDkiltheVHSstar: hahaha
[23:50] DVDkiltheVHSstar: yeah?
[23:50] Sipho1984: they had seen me sun lounging on the balcony (edit: i was lying in one of the airmchairs there just enjoying the sun and i fell asleep and lay there for hours :P)
[23:50] Sipho1984: and i opened the door and they were like
[23:51] Sipho1984: would you like to strip for us?
[23:51] Sipho1984: lol
[23:51] Sipho1984: they were having a bachelor party
[23:51] DVDkiltheVHSstar: OMG!!
[23:51] DVDkiltheVHSstar: MARKUS!!
[23:51] DVDkiltheVHSstar: thats so amazing
[23:52] Sipho1984: i said no tho, cuz why the hell would i want to do that
[23:52] Sipho1984: lol
[23:52] DVDkiltheVHSstar: lol
[23:52] DVDkiltheVHSstar: theyd put money in your cute briefs
[23:53] Sipho1984: haha boxer briefs today
[23:53] DVDkiltheVHSstar: oooh, well then
[23:53] DVDkiltheVHSstar: but still, how flattering
[23:54] Sipho1984: i dunno, i dont think they were being picky or anything
[23:54] Sipho1984: but still
[23:54] DVDkiltheVHSstar: hahahaha
[23:54] Sipho1984: i love my life, all this crazy shit always happens to me
[23:55] Sipho1984: sometimes the crazy shit is bad shit, but it still makes good stories to tell. its like i'm in a movie or something
[00:01] DVDkiltheVHSstar: your life rox hard
9th-Jul-2005 11:07 pm (UTC)
where do we sign up for this having you strip thingy? ;)