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The last entry was a bit THUPER STRESSED so I'll try again,… 
19th-Feb-2005 01:37 am

The last entry was a bit THUPER STRESSED so I'll try again, plus an update I guess.

I'm still really excited about Idol :P I don't know what it is, but I'm soooo into the whole thing. I'm sitting there grinning like some fool laughing at every little funny thing. Giggle giggle! I guess it's a positive thing though, I'm always in a really good mood after watching it. Yay for feelgood tv!

OK so now for the fantastic brilliant juicy sizzlin date! Or not :P The movie was great, we saw Closer and we both enjoyed it. I think it must have been the best movie I've seen it quite a while now. The actors were great. Julia Roberts shines on the screen as alwaysm her smile is like...wow. Wow! Natalie Portman is wonderful as well. She is just so gorgeous. I have heaps of model shots of her on my computer, she is incredible like that. Jude Law is as hot and talented as ever as well. The entire movie is just a lot of talk talk talk, but still you just sit there eyes glued to what's happening and waiting to hear what they'll say next. Great flick :D So here is the sexy part og tonights story. I always remove my shoes when at the movies, cuz I'm one of those people who like to sit with my feet up in the chair and all sorts of strange places. Well today that was a *bad* idea! Haha. The weather here today has been crap and the ground is covered with slushy snow and ice. Yes, my shoes got wet. It can't be helped, it really can't when the weather is like is. So when I took my shoes off it sorta started to smell :P Yeah I know it's bad. It wasn't much it was not much at all, but it was there. Very embarrasing. *sigh* After the movie we just walked around in the slushy streets for a while, waiting for his bus. I had a good time, he seems like a really nice guy. Maybe we'll do something tomorrow as well. Daytime that is, I'm going out with Kenya tomorrow night. There is some new hip hop concept ("Busted" or something?) at BrukBar, so we're going to that. Sounds cool enough. Worth checking out at least :)

23rd-Feb-2005 09:05 pm (UTC) - Mr Stinky Socks :)
Well that is certainly one way to let someone get to know you ;)