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mandag liksom 
21st-Feb-2005 10:16 pm
I didn't write anything here yesterday, so I guess I'll sum up the weekend today instead. As I mentioned before, I was gonna go check out this new club concept with a couple of friends on Saturday, and that was what we did. I forgot to buy beer before the beer sale ended (it ends 6om here on saturdays. 8 om on weekdays i think), so I made Kenya and Richard come with me to Mormor's, this place with really cheap beer, earlier in the evening. They didn't drink beer though, they drank HB. HB is illegal homemade liqour known for tasting like crap. It's 96% pure alcohol... Most people mix it with other stuff like orange juice, soda, coffee or tea, but it still tastes foul. It also makes you really really drunk, and both of them were pretty out the entire night :P I don't need much alcohol to get drunk either, and was drunk after like 3 beers. Just on a healther level than the other two.

This is from Mormor's earlier in the evening (they were already drunk, i wasn't).

I don't really know how where or when, but some friend of Richard called or he called her or whatever...anyways, she was having a pre-party and we wen't there. Cuz...I dunno. It was aaight, she lived in Central Trondheim so getting there didn't take long. It was her and two other girls sitting there drinking. One of the girls, Therese was just 17 and I guess that was kinda apparent. Kenya was acting up as always when drunk. At first she was all rolling her eyes at him, but he must have done something right, cuz after a while they were making out (to the amusement of the rest of us hehe). Oh and her restroom deserves a mentioned. Getting there was like an EXPEDITION! First you had to go up into the attic, and then two floors down some squeeky stairs to this cold basement. Muy freaky.

Not so much after midnight I managed to drag the rest of them out and we were on out way to BrukBar, yay :) On our way there we met up with some friends of Kenya so we just stood there for a while talking and stuff like that. People freestyled a bit into my camera. Good times. At this point we said goodbye to the pre-party girls who weren't old enough to get into BrukBar and went along with the people we had met to the club. Kenya owed me money and payed me in, it was all good. I met a lot of friends from my "hood" (haha well part of town anyway) that I don't get to spend a lot of time witih, it was really great :D

Me and Janke, I guess he was my closest friend for a large part of my teens.

After a while Kenya, Richard and two guys called Kevin and Frank (I think) wanted to go to this other club for a while, and I tagged along with the promise that it would only be a short stay and that I wouldn't have to pay anything to get in, cuz "we know the doorman". They wanted to go there, cuz that's where all the horny teenage girls are at. I guess they didn't know the doorman enough to get all of us in anyway, so I just went back to BrukBar and my friends there. We just sat around there drinking beer and playing with my camera for a while. A bit later on my friend/not-ex-boyfriend-but-ex-something Espen came by. I had run into him earlier in the evening and told him I was going there. It was a nice surprise :) I got to hear all about his current boyfriend who apparantly is an ass. Espen could do better, he's a great guy. He was a bit bored at BrukBar tho, so we left after a small hour. We decided to go to Burger King and eat, cuz he had free coupons (his bf works there). We had to stop by his appartment first, because he had left the coupons there. He had just moved there last week, it was really great. He has this huge room in the middle of Central Trondheim. There's even an open room there. It sounded tempting, but moving is such a hassle, and I'm actually enjoying myself where I'm at now. So it's all good. We got the coupons and went to eat. After like three years in a line we got our free meals. I wasn't so hungry, so he ate the last of my menu. This was about 4am, so I decided to just go home.

Sunday was laaaaaaaazy. All day was just sitting in front of the computer or tv. I don't even think I ate dinner. Or did I? Hmmmm. Yes I did, Looney Tunes Pasta and meat balls :) At least I finally got around to shaving my....hmmm do I write this :P....shaving my something, which I've been procrastinating about for quite some time now.

Today was OK. I finally reached level 24 with my Night Elf, so now it can all begin :)
10th-Feb-2007 10:38 am (UTC)
Shaving your something? Maaaan, it's really cute to say it that way :-P