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Idol again 
23rd-Feb-2005 11:24 pm

Two more people ready for the final rounds! This group was actually kinda sucky, but they both did really good. Malin and Cindy :) I was actually kinda rooting for Haji, but I guess Cindy was better. It's just gonna be so sad to let him go, him being so hot and all *sigh*. I love you Haji! Call me! If just for a blowjob, just CALL ME!

*cough* Ermm yeah...

I went to see Maren and Lena today, it was great. Maren always makes me laugh :D She's home on vacation from school. She's taking a year at a "Folkehøyskole". It's a thing many Norwegian kids do when they're not quite sure what do do with their lives. You live at the school with the other students (seldom more than 100) and just do lots of social stuff. You go to class every day, but it's a lot more culture orientated, and there are no grades. Anyway, she's home for a few days now, and me and Lena went to her house to catch up and stuff. Getting there was hell. Well if hell was frozen that is, because it is COLD outside! My iPod went all loco and after a while I couldn't feel my face. Once I got there it was fun though. Maren shared lots of fun Folkehøyskole stories and we did lots of "remember that time when"s. Lena had to leave after not so long (she's always so busy), but I stayed and watched Idol with Maren. Then I hurried (at least to the degree you can hurry in this weather) home to catch the second part of Idol and Lost. I'm really starting to get addicted to that show now as well. Even though I don't think it's as brilliant and great as it's hyped up to be, it still is pretty good. I love the thing where you gradually find out more about the characters' past. The "dinosaur" is making me kinda sceptical though. I'm afraid it's gonna turn out to be something silly. I guess I'll just have to watch and find out...